41 Mirrored Doors Ideas

Whether you’re looking for by-pass, bi-fold or traditional swing doors, we have solutions for every function. Our doors are guaranteed to enhance the functionality of any One Day Doors & Closets installed organization system. We choose Uniboard® TFL panels from Canada because of their incredible quality. Specially engineered for furniture, they offer superior flatness, wear resistance, and dimensional stability compared to hardwoods. Laser etching provides a natural wood grain appearance. Not sure what type of secret door will work best for your home?

The truth is that a sliding mirrored barn door doesn’t even need to really function as a door to be incorporated into a space. Rustica’s sliding barn door mirrors are so gorgeous, many homeowners choose to install them as mirror wall decor. This is perfect for a bedroom, bathroom, and home gym, but also for smaller living rooms that want to visually increase their square footage through light and reflection. Instead of hanging pictures or leaving walls blank within these spaces, consider a sliding mirror. Rustica has even worked with salon owners to install sliding mirrored barn door that functions decor and a useful mirror, rather than as a door.


Our Trueclose, patented hinges help the door close and stay closed. These doors are the perfect marriage of beauty and safety. Mirrored doors have come a long way since your grandma’s heavy old gold steel doors that are so hard to open and close! They are now available with wood frames that can be painted or stained, aluminum frames in a variety of finishes, «frame-less mirrors» and with either beveled or flat mirror. Design your own door style using a wide variety of door inserts; choose your preferred woodgrain, coloured glass or mirrors to build a sliding door of sheer beauty and — unique to you.

If your order includes custom measurements, these same accommodations will be made. The jamb width will be ½” smaller than the rough opening width selected. The jamb height will be 1-1/8” shorter than the rough opening height selected. Please note that due to the special nature of our doors, you will want to have the clearance for shimming to allow the door to flex. Please keep in mind that we do this so that adjustments can be made when things like this happen.

The antiqued look adds texture and is a nice complement to a more traditional space. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases made by visitors to my website who have clicked links to the Amazon website . Melissa Martin used bead board wallpaper and hinge decals to create this look.

Not surprisingly, a mirrored barn door is the perfect solution to this problem, especially when the door is also a sliding closet door. A master bath, guest bath, or half-bath complete with a mirrored door provides exactly what you need to get ready for work, style your hair, and try on new outfits. Instead of having to shower then travel to your bedroom to finish getting ready, you’ll have easy access to a door mirror that allows you to do it all in one space. The owners of this Scandinavian home doubled down on the sliding glass mirrored doors, which turn the corner and create a whole “hall of mirrors” effect that’s quite luxe looking. Mirrors for hinged doors typically involve attaching a custom-sized mirror to a new or existing hinged door.

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Picture a living room where flowering plants and family game nights are illustrated in bright color through shiny, mirrored panels. Another ingenious way of using mirror decor within https://my.desktopnexus.com/Torme1954/journal/oak-medicine-cabinet-32333/ bathrooms is to utilize a sliding shower door with an exterior mirrored panel. In many cases, an interior door can easily be replaced by a hinged or sliding mirror barn door.

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Sans Soucie creates doors, windows, showers, partitions, mirrors signs and more, all created and shipped from our Studio in Palm Desert, California. Not just another pretty face, our bifold mirror closet doors are solid  ¾” MDF with the mirror laminated directly to the surface. Other mirror doors are simply mesh backed mirror in a lightweight frame. All hardware is a heavy duty commercial grade for smooth continuous use for years.

I was also looking at some wallpaper ideas, for a background over the mirror, to make it look like a wall, and then place a wallpaper type window look over that. I know I would have to do my wall[paper paste inbetween the papers, but would I need to put something over the mirror if I were to use the wallpaper first? The stickers sound easy enough to do, but the mirror would still appear. Nikki Brister used this window film to update the look the mirrored doors in her RV. The mirrored doors do add to the light in the room, but two sets would be too much for me, too!